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From clever quips to words that stick…

Ever struggled for the right words or copy?
Pulled your hair out trying to be creative?
Longed for a bit more personality in your marketing?
Then you're in the right place.

Every business wants to stand out and be different.
To have customers and clients clamouring for its services.
To be remembered, and not regarded as just one of the herd.

Good copywriting will do this for you.

It’ll make people look up and take notice.
Sit down and take interest.
Put things aside and take action.

It’s the difference between being recognised and being ignored.
Between connecting with people and pushing them away.
Between others wanting to find out more, and just wanting to find others.

If you’re happy with dreary copy, then bonne courage…
But if you’re looking for inspiration: BonMots.

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Marketing copy

Make a good first impression and be remembered for all the right reasons.

Website, Blogs & Social Media

Give your clients reasons to visit you. Time and time again.

Print copy

Print endures for a reason. It’s the perfect pick-me-up.

B2B & B2C copywriting

Different audiences but with one thing in common: people. Just like you and me.


While you keep the rest of the plates spinning, we’ll serve your copy on one.

SME, Start-Ups & Sole Traders

Spellcheck will only get you so far. And it won’t prevent Death by Powerpoint...

Medical Devices

Need a helping hand from someone who’s worked as both a clinician and medical sales professional?

A word from…

  • Paul understood that we wanted to be different, quirky even, and he understood what was necessary to help us stand out from the crowd. He has a great sense of humour which comes through in his work, just at the right level. Intelligent, witty content always.

    The service Paul provides is very efficient, often providing me with material before I realise an update is due. He always takes the time to present information in a way I can quickly review and approve, and keeps me up to date of progress at all times.

    Paul makes the time to get a thorough understanding of what he is writing about. No generic buzzwords or waffle. Just concise, relevant and punchy copy which has played an important part in the growth of our business.

    Matthew Chapman
    - Chapman Worth Chartered Accountants -

  • We are absolutely delighted with Paul’s work. He worked hard to create the right tone for our copy, at the same time as getting across the content that we wanted to include. And he’s extremely thorough, professional and very easy to work with. We will definitely be working with him again.

    Jason Pinny
    - North Beds Osteopaths -

  • My website was good, but it didn’t reflect me. After my first meeting with Paul, I had my eureka moment! He’s a rare breed of professionalism and daring honesty, and pointed out what needed doing with such clarity and sincerity; he brought my website content alive. I was truly impressed with his ability to get inside my head with such speed and accuracy that I then asked him to spearhead the total rebrand of my business.

    Annie Slowgrove
    Managing Director
    - Fearless Engagement -

  • Paul was a pleasure to work with. He took my rough content and made it read much better, structuring it to emphasise the areas I wanted. He was thorough and his process worked well for tracking feedback and changes. He was always enthusiastic about making the site great, and a personable and interesting person to work with. I will certainly work with him when we need his skills again.

    James McNally
    - Wiresmith Technology -

  • Paul quickly tuned in to the essence of what we’re about and what we wanted to say in our blogs, bringing to life a subject that’s complex for many while still capturing our chatty, reassuring and friendly tone of voice.

    He takes a seed of an idea that’s sprouting in our minds, draws out the roots to ground it and then nourishes it with an added creative twist (that often makes us smile) as it flowers to full bloom. As you can see, words aren’t what we do, but the work Paul produces for us is exactly how we wish we could write!

    He’s a pleasure to work with – flexible with our busy diaries, happy to come up with ideas and suggestions and will fully research the topic area once we've shared our thoughts with him. It means we’re freed up to focus on other things, and have great content to help our prospects and customers. Thanks Paul!

    Regina Lally
    - Databasix UK Ltd -

  • All the work that Paul has done for me has been perfect. He’s professional, talented and highly recommended! I’ll certainly be using him again and again!

    Kevin Hubbard
    - In Fine Spirits -

Happy clients…

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